Some languages not allowed in atlassian-connect.json

Hi there,

wondering why some languages are not accepted in a connect App definition:

  "translations": {
    "paths": {
      "en-US": "/assets/i18n/en.json",
      "de-DE": "/assets/i18n/de.json",
      "es-ES": "/assets/i18n/es.json",
      "fr-FR": "/assets/i18n/fr.json",
      "it-IT": "/assets/i18n/it.json",
      "nl-NL": "/assets/i18n/it.json",
      "sv-SE": "/assets/i18n/it.json"

The last three (it, nl, sv) are always the reason for my app is beeing rejected during upload. I checked your schema file at: and it seems that the only allowed languages are in fact: ru-RU, de-DE, pt-PT, en-US, ko-KR, es-ES, en-UK, fr-FR, ja-JP

In contrast to this, the personal setting in JIRA allows much more languages. Any reason for this restrictions? Seems odd and outdated to me.

Thanks in advance & regards

Hi, @eoj81,

We added the i18n feature to Connect back when Jira Cloud supported only 9 languages you found in the schema. You are right that it is outdated now. We have adding support for all the remaining languages in our plans. I’ll keep you posted here.