Some SAML logged users do not have access to REST endpoints

We are currently developing a plugin to Jira Server, and an issue rose up while users access the production server through SAML + SSO.
We are using SAML for Atlassian Data Center plugin for SSO.

These users cannot retrieve some endpoints from REST api, ‘rest/api/2/issue/createmeta’ for example - And this blocks the flow for these users in our plugin.

If we disable the SAML login and users use the default Jira login, the access to REST endpoints are restored. Another thing we’ve noticed is that users logged through SAML are not counted as looged in by Jira User management nor have their counters updated.

Any hints on how to debug this would be gold.

Thanks in advance :grin:

I’d set the seraph package to debug and checkout the logging statements to see what’s happening.

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False alarm, it was a permission issue in our permission scheme.

Still, the count and last logged time is not updated :thinking:

That you should raise as a bug under the service desk and ask them to make a public Bug in the issue tracker.