Some scopes defined are not supported: readonly:content.attachment:confluence

Hello everyone.

I am developing an application on Forge. In my app I am using
to get a link to the attachment.

const responsess = await api.asApp().requestConfluence (route/wiki/rest/api/content/id/child/attachment/idAtt/download);

console.log (Response: $ {responsess.status} $ {responsess.statusText});
console.log (await responsess.text ());

Using the command “forge lint --fix” I add to the manifest.yml

- readonly:content.attachment:confluence

When I run the forge deploy command I get the error
“__typename”: “AppDeploymentLogEvent”,
“stepName”: “Validate manifest”,
“createdAt”: “2021-10-13T09: 17: 41.433Z”,
“message”: “Some scopes defined are not supported: readonly: content.attachment: confluence”,
“level”: “WARNING”

This is an error screen

How can this be fixed?

@aldrfedorov97 welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

I’m not sure if it is copy/paste problem into this editor, but if you have spaces after colons in the scopes, that will be the problem.

Thank you, @ibuchanan.
It is copy/paste problem into this editor.
Here is a screenshot of this snippet. It was generated by the “forge lint --fix” command

This problem is still relevant to me, maybe you have some more ideas about this.