Space between components

I have a two simple forms:

<Heading size={"medium"}>Support</Heading>
            <Heading size={"small"}> Use the form below to forward any questions you may have to support
            <Form onSubmit={askQuestion} submitButtonText={"Ask Question"}>
                <TextArea label="Question" name="question" isRequired={true}/>

            <Heading size={"medium"}>Add Tag/Note</Heading>
            <Heading size={"small"}>Use the form below to update a vulnerability with tag or note</Heading>
            <Form onSubmit={null} submitButtonText={"Add tag/note"} >
                <Select label="Add tag/note" name="type">
                    <Option label="Tag" value="tag" />
                    <Option label="Note" value="note" />
                <TextArea name={"tag_note"} label={"Tag/note"} />

Is there a way add some extra space between Headings and Form in Ui kit?