Space Blueprint plugin creation : adding a blank page to the space without having to create a specific content-template

Hi there,

I am creating a space blueprint with a predefined tree structure. Some of it is made of page templates I created in my blueprint create, and some of it is just made of blank pages just to form the tree.

I have not found in the tutorials how to add in the space-blueprint section a content-template that uses Confluence’s built-in blank page templates, or, in fact, any page template defined outside my plugin.

Could anybody point me to the right direction? References?



No one to help? Need more input to know how?

We solved this requirement from one of our customers by providing our own “empty page” template. We found no way to share templates between plugins or reference global templates. I hope we have not missed something.

We also had the problem that it is not possible to add labels to a page that is created via a blueprint. We circumvented that by installing “Overview-pages” including a “create-from-template”-button which references to a confluence-template (not a blueprint) that can be administered in the template-section …/pages/templates2/listglobaltemplates.action

Maybe the Overview/Button approach is applicable for you?

thanks ! I will use this and let you know. Strange that one cannot add a dependency on another blueprint… But nevermind !