Space end-point, numOfPages stops at 200

I just noticed that when I use the Get spaces endpoint, it returns numOf Pages in the JSON, but it caps at (200) pages, which is not accurate for spaces with more than (200) pages in them. Why doesn’t this property contain an accurate count of pages? Will Atlassian fix this issue?

I know this because I also use the Get Content for Space endpoint and that returns the proper number of pages.

Hello @LorenzoPhillips

Those sorts of limits are there for a good reason. An unlimited depth search across an unlimited scope (the Get spaces endpoint is searching across all spaces) is never a good thing for system performance.

As you have already discovered, just use either the Get content for space or Get content by type for space endpoints for those spaces where the number of pages is greater than 200.

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@sunnyape Roger that and I totally get it, just wasn’t sure if it was an oversight or not. My apps were created before the pagination stuff was available, but rather than convert the existing apps I am waiting for Forge to reach a level where I can just rewrite them on that platform vs multiple rewrites. Thanks for confirming that this is truly working as designed for me so I didn’t waste any time trying to work around it. :slight_smile: