Space Type field got changed to new allowed values without previous communication or updated documentation

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this morning, we noticed that the response of the v2 API /wiki/api/v2/spaces (and related) endpoint changed on our EAP instance.

Previously and as documented in the official documentation (, the field type is of type SpaceType, which can only be “personal” and “global”, but on our EAP instance we received “knowledge_base”:

        "key": "TEST",
        "type": "knowledge_base",
        "status": "current",

We assume that this is related to a new space creation UI that allows to choose a space purpose:

As we included a check if the type is a valid value, this broke our code.

It would be nice if such changes that break the API contract would be communicated in the future, or at least the API docs be updated.

Thank you,

Fabian :slight_smile:


Hey Fabian, thank you for raising this concern! I have some updates to share with you.

First, the API documentation has been updated to reflect these new possible values.

This information is also now reflected in our public changelog.

Additionally, there is a community post available which may help developers understand the origin of these new type values: Testing out a new space creation flow.

Thank you again for starting this discussion!

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Thank you Jacob!

Do you know if new space types will be added in the near future?

Cheers, Fabian :slight_smile: