SpaceService.find how to set Spacepermissions

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I’m upgrading from vs 6.15 to 7.4. confluence-7.4.0.jar say SpaceManager.getSpace is deprecated, so I’m using SpaceService.find in order to find spaces.

The problem is how can I convert from the new model: com.atlassian.confluence.api.model.content.Space to the old com.atlassian.confluence.spaces.Space in order to get for example the SpacePermissions. Also the SpacePermissionManager only takes the old com.atlassian.confluence.spaces.Space as parameter.

How do you guys work around this problem?

Thank you,

Regarding the sourcecode - seems they also are using the “deprecated” method getSpace through the SpaceManagerInternal. Seems that I can’t get it autowired / instantaiated so that I would be able to use the SpaceManagerInternal:frowning: