Spinners in buttons not working (aui-button, busy())

According to AUI-Docs here AUI-Docs here the button element has a busy, isBusy and idle() method. Unfortunately this does not work.

Even after adding the dependency explicitly with


nothing changes. Calling any of those functions gives only
Uncaught TypeError: that.isBusy is not a function

Here, it was also discussed that the same happens with Jira:


It seems, the JS is missing somehow.

Hey @Christoph1, sorry for the inconvenience. As far as I can tell the above issue was fixed: https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/AUI-4955

Please let me know what version of AUI are you using.


Hi,I do use Confluence 6.14.0 (10231) / Atlassian SDK 8.0.2 / FastDev disabled / Dev Toolbox 2.0.17.

Where can I find the version of AUI exactly?

Thank you.

You can open browser devtools, type and run AJS.version in the console window to get AUI version.

It is AJS.version: “7.9.7”, so the fix is not included.

Quite strange, as the project was just created with atlas-create-confluence-plugin. Should it not use the latest stable versions of all components? (Just noticed also that its confluence 6.x instead of 7)

Could you tell me, how I can safely update these components?

Thank you.

AUI ships with Confluence so you can’t really upgrade it (except of course by using a newer version of Confluence). See the AUI product version matrix.

Hi Sven, ok I see.

The questions remains: Is it possible to “upgrade” my plugin pom.xml safely to a higher version of confluence?

Or is there some target version flag when creating a plugin?

Thank you.

Yes but of course you should consider what version(s) of Confluence you want your app to be compatible with. So if you need your app to run on Confluence 6.X as well you’ll want to also test your app on that if not also develop against that. :slight_smile:

However the version of Confluence / AUI shouldn’t be a problem here because the API you mentioned is also available in your version. It’s probably some missing resources instead. Do you have a dependency on AJS?