Sqlite error in Hello World app

I am following Lesson 1: Hello World.

All proceeded correctly until I entered npm start. I then got the following error:

        throw new Error('Please install sqlite3 package manually');

I am on a corporate owned Mac laptop. (It is possible therefore that Mac configuration is non-standard).
My environment is as follows:

M-F14HJG5H:~ jake.stone$ npm -v

   │                                     │
   │   Update available 5.5.1 → 6.5.0    │
   │     Run npm i -g npm to update      │
   │                                     │

M-F14HJG5H:~ jake.stone$ atlas-connect -h
-bash: atlas-connect: command not found
M-F14HJG5H:~ jake.stone$ npm i -g atlas-connect
npm WARN notice [SECURITY] adm-zip has the following vulnerability: 1 high. Go here for more details: 

...etc. etc.......
added 282 packages in 10.562s
M-F14HJG5H:~ jake.stone$ atlas-connect -h

  Usage: atlas-connect [options] [command]


After first encounter of the error, I installed and successfully started sqlite3 server. The error persists.
Any advice would be deeply appreciated (I am also very new to node.js and way out of touch with web technologies)

OK, so the answer is that this requires an npm install of sqlite3, not a download of the sqlite server. Problem solved.
I must have missed a step earlier in the process of the tutorial. Probably because I confluence offers two different Hello World tutorials, I assumed the preparation steps for the first were the same as the second.