Stack, Inline Components cause Minified React Error #130

I’m trying to create a Jira app, jiraGlobalPage module, using UI Kit 2, but anytime I attempt to use Inline or Stack, I’m getting a react error.

Here’s an example snippet, but it is for all cases, not just this example:

import ForgeReconciler, {Inline, Text, TextField} from '@forge/react';

    <TextField onChange={(e) => setSearchedVal(e)} />
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Hey @JohnsonAlexander

Can you confirm which version of @forge/react you have installed in your application?

The Inline and Stack components are included in version 8.1.0 and at the moment we’re aware that the application templates used by the CLI are currently (at the time of writing which is 8th September 2023!) are still using version 8.0.0.

There is a scheduled release of Forge next Monday which will both include a new version of the CLI and an updated version of @forge/react

Although you can manually upgrade the version of @forge/react used in your application today to be version 8.1.0 (to get access to Inline and Stack) I would recommend making sure to upgrade again to the latest release on Monday… unfortunately I can’t confirm exactly which version number it’ll be, but I’ll respond again on Monday once the new version is published to NPM !



I was running into the same issues and couldn’t figure it out. Thanks for the note about the v8.1.0 requirement.

That said, I think it would be great if the docs included information like the min version required for a component. If the Stack docs mentioned “Since @forge/react v8.1.0” somewhere, that would be enough for us to resolve this on our own. Similarly, if the forge CLI could identify and report new versions of dependencies, that may have helped as well.

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