Start Local instance for Confluence Cloud

Hi developers,
How can i start a local Confluence Cloud to test my new Cloud Add-on ?
Thnx for help !

You can’t run Confluence Cloud localy on your development machine, you need to sign up for a free developer account here:,jira-software.ondemand,jira-servicedesk.ondemand,jira-core.ondemand&developer=true

I found that link on this page:

Once that’s been set up you can enable Private Listing access and Developer Mode from within the Manage Addons page using the Settings link at the bottom. This will allow you to install apps that are listed on Marketplace but private, or apps that aren’t listed on Marketplace but that do have a publicly accessible Internet URL.

You can use a service like ngrok to proxy traffic to your local development machine via a publicly accessible URL.


thnx @jbevan , i try it but when i uninstall plugin and install it again i got this error