State of Bitbucket Cloud Forge EAP

Dear Bitbucket Cloud team,

I’m reaching out to ask about the state of the Bitbucket Cloud Forge EAP.

In the developer blog, a timeline of “Oct 2022-Mar 2023” has been communicated.

Are there any news you can share at this point?

We are happy to try out the EAP and give you feedback!

Best regards,
Michael from Mibex


Hi @michael.rueegg - apologies for the delayed reply on this.
We’re making good progress on the BBC x Forge implementation, actually just wrapping up the last few elements right now.

I’ll be providing a detailed overview of our progress and what’s coming up soon at the next Forge roadmap webinar so please make sure you RSVP: See Forge Roadmap Webinar: Q1 2023 at Atlassian Community Events Atlassian Developers


Thanks @EdmundMunday, much appreciated.

We are looking forward to the Webinar.

Especially important for us is to see a roadmap, not only regarding Forge for BB Cloud, but also for Paid-via-Atlassian for BB Cloud apps.