Static Jira Connect app built with React and AtlasKit not rendering properly

Hi All,

I’m trying to develop my first app for Jira Software Cloud and struggling to get the basics of my front end to render properly in Jira.

I’ve successfully followed the basic Hello World tutorial ( Following the initial tutorial I then switched my hosting from ngrok on my local machine to AWS where I set-up an S3 bucket and CloudFront CDN. Again all working well with the Hello World html rendering nicely in Jira from a slightly modified app descriptor that has my app in a jiraProjectPages module. However I then started developing my front end in React (using create-react-app) and here is where I run into problems.

At the moment I am keeping things simple with a single publicly accessible page, no authentication, but I’ve imported the Page and PageHeader components from Atlaskit along with the css-reset as recommended by Atlassian.

My page renders fine in my browser when accessing the CloudFront url directly (no errors) but the page does not load when accessed from within Jira Cloud. I get a spinner for a couple of minutes before I get a “Somethings Wrong” error from Jira.

Checking bowser I can see some 404 errors from my CloudFront server and 409 error from Jira (see attached screen shot)

These are not files a recognise, so I assume related to the imported Atlaskit components. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Issue resolved. I was missing all.js

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