Sticky situation with sticky header support in Confluence

Confluence has added sticky header support and our table macro does some interesting things to cooperate with tables that do and don’t get sticky header support. However Confluence doesn’t seem to want to be very cooperative on when it will and won’t apply sticky headers. Even with simple Confluence-only tables the sticky support is unpredictable ( and appears to be broken). This issue was written up some time ago and I have commented on it. The issue appears to be much worse in Confluence 6.2.2.

We are doing similar checks as Confluence but even when we think the table is sticky it ends up not getting the sticky treatment. We’d prefer to not disable sticky support for all our table macros if possible but we are a bit stuck at the moment.

Is there a way to know reliably if Confluence will apply sticky headers to a table?
Is it possible to get some attention to the above issue?