Store configuration for jira connect addon


I have developed a Jira connect add on for the service desk. It is hosted on Elastic Beanstalk, the issue is that there wasn’t any store setup in config file which was causing an issue. Whenever the server was restarting the customers who has installed the app start getting “could not find store client data …” (PFA). Now, I have setup an RDS system and the following configuration has been updated in the config file:

// these domains.
“store”: {
“adapter”: “sequelize”,
“dialect”: “postgres”,
“url”: “postgres://{username}:{passowrd}@{RDS end point URL}:{port}/{database-name}”
I am able to connect to RDS successfully (tested from command line).
And the following package has also been added in the package dependencies:
“pg”: “=7.18.2”

The app installs successfully locally but getting an error on installation of the hosted app on EBS:
Please find the screenshot. Sometimes I get a different error:
“Problem accessing the file …”

I have looked into the community posts but couldn’t find any help.


Hello Anmol
Did you managed to find a solution for this problem?
Many thanks