Store user emails in the Storage - Forge Custom UI app

Hi Everyone!

As we know it is not possible to reach the Email API in a Forge Custom UI application.
But we would like to send emails to our users.
I would like to know is the workaround below could work and will approved by Atlassian.

  1. Every Jira user can get his/her own email address. (/rest/api/3/myself)
  2. After the user opened the app, called the myself endpoint, we store his/her email address in the Storage API. (This will be a personal data, so we need to keep privacy restrictions. And even re enable the app? )
  3. Use the Fetch API and an external email server, to send emails to the users. (If the user already logged in, and we have the email in the Storage.)

Can this approach work? Will this be approved by Atlassian?

Thank in advance!

Any news on this?
Someone has already done this?

Apologies @kornel.leitner for the slow reply.

Essentially, while I believe this approach could work from a technical standpoint, Atlassian recommends against apps storing personal data, and have reporting requirements in place as per the user privacy guide which you will need to keep in mind.

Further, there are guidelines you should follow around consent. You will need to review the Data privacy guidelines and ensure you are adhering to them.

For example, based on your usage above, point 3 on this page states

Using data for marketing, sharing data with third-parties and other data use cases not strictly required to support the operation of your app may require a separate consent from the user before collecting or using the data.

In addition, I’d review the Atlassian Developer Terms and Marketplace Partner Agreement to ensure you’re not breaking the terms of these agreements

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the information and help! :slight_smile:
I hope we can go through this process to introduce a new feature in our app :crossed_fingers: