Streamlining the development of Trello Power-Ups

Hi everyone,

In the spirit of sharing and wanting to give something back to the Developer Community, we’ve got some interesting (and cool) news relating to Trello Power-Ups.

We’ve just released two tools that can streamline your development timelines when building Power-Ups for Trello. So if you’ve been considering building for Trello and have some ideas in mind, it’s now even easier to get started with these resources:

  • :building_construction: Power-Up Generator - the first ever Generator that will build a Typescript and React UI based Power-Up straight from your command line in just a few minutes. Until now, the creation of a functioning Power-Up template has taken a few hours (after testing and deployment) and we hope this Generator will save you time that can be used on the fun stuff - building features that Trello users will love!

  • :page_facing_up: Power-Up Sample - if you prefer a challenge we have open sourced a Power-Up sample which can help you when building from scratch. We would recommend using the Generator but wanted to offer this as an option if you were interested in it.

If you’ve not created a Power-Up for Trello before don’t worry, we have created a step-by-step guide and some video tutorials that will get you up and running :rocket:.

We hope that these tools will help you take full advantage of the exciting updates to Trello this year and encourage you to begin building innovative Power-Ups that Trello users can benefit from.

Feel free to share any feedback or comments below :sunglasses:


Jack, Head of Product - AppFox / Optro


This sounds promising. The Trello Power Up tutorials are confusing and frustrating to get up and running. I’m excited to check out your generator (even without react experience). Thank you.

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Thanks for your comment @jrfischer and glad to hear it’s of interest!

React is a lot of fun to develop with, there are some basic guides on the React website and we have some more specific guides around power-ups over on our documentation site.

We’re really proud of the Generator and hope it makes it easier for you. Please do share any feedback on the Generator, guides or videos as we’re looking to improve these even further.

Also, if you wanted to chat to our team about any of these tools we would be more than happy to help. You can book time with us here - Calendly - Optro