Stuck at developing a jira app

Few days ago my company asked me to develop a jira app (similar to the weekdone app for jira cloud) So I started a research on what options are available to reach this, I see 2 ways

  • use the atlaskit (authenticating requests with basic auth)
  • create a nodeJS app with jira connect (it gets a jwt automatically but only when embeded as a jira app)

On any option at the end I need to get the data from the jira rest api but so far I have had no success on this, with atlaskit + axios I am getting a cross origin request problems (I understand that there is not a whitelist for jira cloud). On the other hand when using node I am getting an error when trying to reach any endpoint but there is no way to debug this since its embeded to the jira panel.

Any suggestions, probably I am doing something wrong

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Hi @angel.hernandez,

without knowing more about your use case it might be difficult to help you out but let’s try.
What kind of error are you getting and which endpoint are you calling with your nodeJS app?

Have you followed our getting started guide for Jira Cloud app development:

Did you add the all.js import into your webpanels being embedded into Jira like mentioned here:

Do you see any error message in your browser developer tools console?