Submission of App to Marketplace

Hi, I submitted an app to the marketplace 10 days ago so that it could get approved for Jira Data Center. Is there delays in handling submissions or has the app been missed? Previously it was the Data Center approval that took a long time. This time it only took one day but the marketplace submission is taking a looong time.

It also doesn’t help that when you submit a data center app it disappears off the versions list of my app. As far as I know, it may have been lost. Is it possible that the app can still show on my list of versions so that I know it still exists and hasn’t been lost?


We have 2 apps and are still waiting for more than 20 days :frowning:

@elitesoftsp, cripes thats a long time.

Hi @paul,

Can you please share a link to your approval ticket? or the ticket number?

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Hey @elitesoftsp,

Can you please share the ticket numbers with me?

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Thank you very much! I saw your comment on my tickets!

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@ayarazarvi We submitted the cloud version of an app for approval more than a week ago. The Server version of the app has been available for years before Atlassian Marketplace got born, the Data Center version has also been approved very earily, so I think it should rather straightforward to review the cloud version.

In contrary, the ticket did not even get an assignee yet… :confused: Can you please check what’s going on?

Ticket key: AMKTHELP-16501

Hi @ayarazarvi, it is: AMKTHELP-16454