Subsribe to Atlassian Product Events other than Jira/Confluence


Is there or will there be a possibly to subscribe to Events from other Atlassian Cloud Products such as Bitbucket or Jira Service Management within a forge app?

I am especially interested in Insight Events which was included in Jira Service Management recently.

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your question and feedback on where you would like to see additional support within the Forge Product Events capability. We are actively working on an update to this service that will provide support for additional Confluence and Jira events later this FY. A key goal of this work is to also be able to streamline the ability for us to onboard new sources of events including the ones you have identified above. Unfortunately, I don’t have a timeline to share with you though on when these would be available, as these specific sources aren’t yet road mapped. Feedback like this will only help get them prioritised though.

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Sam Purchase

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@SamPurchase is there any updated timeline for support of JSM events? Any ticket/request that can be followed to upvote etc? Thank you!

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