Success and Error panel type does not render on Andorid app, renders incorrectly on iPhone app



Messages with a panel type of either “success” or “error” are not displaying at all in the android application and are displaying incorrectly in the iPhone app, where they appear as panel type info. This appears very similar to the issue STRIDE-2299 which reported that these panel types were not rendering in any application. That issue was resolved in early May and the panel types work correctly in the web and desktop clients. It looks like the mobile apps were not updated with this fix. I’m attaching screen shots of one chat room from as seen in Android, iPhone, and on the desktop.

Desktop (rendered correctly):

Android and iPhone images will appear in comments since I’m a new user and can only post one image per message.


Android (messages don’t render):

iPhone (error and success render as info):


I am seeing the same behaviour in the iOS app as above with the latest version. Around 2 months ago I believe these panels used to render correctly (success as green, error as red). I couldn’t use Stride with the iOS 12 beta since then (until the most recent version) so it may have started occurring on one of the updates within the last couple months but not sure which.


Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll communicate it to the teams.