Sudden "Reporter is required" error

Hello, i have a page that uses Jira’s API to create issues for my work.
The page has been working for almost a year, but as of today, everyone is unable to create issues and the “Reporter is required” error is showing up.

What went wrong?
Are there any changes made during this weekend that affected my page?

Here is the response data from my request (note that the “debug” key is the data i’m sending").

    "success": false,
    "msg": "CURL HTTP Request Failed: Status Code : 400, URL:https:\/\/\/rest\/api\/2\/issue\nError Message : {\"errorMessages\":[],\"errors\":{\"reporter\":\"Reporter is required.\"}}",
    "debug": {
        "summary": "testt - Central",
        "issuetype": {
            "name": "Central"
        "reporter": {
            "name": "jrosa"
        "description": "test\n\n*GIT:* \n{quote}Link{quote} \n*Central:* \n{quote}Centrais{quote} \n*DEV:* \n{quote}00:00h{quote} \n*QA:* \n{quote}00:00h{quote}",
        "project": {
            "key": "SDP"
        "components": [
                "name": "Suporte"
        "duedate": "2020-02-25"

Edit: Solved by useing the accountId of the user

I’m having the same issue. Any idea as to why this happened?

I’ve tried setting the reporter name field to email and username. Only changing report key to id works. My reporter name varies so it wouldn’t be ideal to switch to using id of the user.