Superfluous(?) API calls from Forge app for Jira

I’m currently working on a Forge app that runs as a Jira project page. A few seconds after I load the app, something somewhere in code attempts to make GET requests to the following URLs:

https://[my site][a GUID]
https://[my site][a project key]/properties/isDevopsProject

Those URLs always respond 404. My app seems to run fine without those working; however, I’m naturally wondering what those are supposed to do, as well as how to eliminate the calls (presuming they’re unneeded). I welcome any thoughts in this regard. Thanks!

Hi @ChrisLow, you can ignore those requests. Those calls are initiated/utilized by some of our product components and should not adversely affect the customer app experience.

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@nmansilla - thanks. Are there plans to make changes so that those calls aren’t made anymore, or they’re made but don’t 404?