Support for Status Page, Bitbucket, etc?

Does Forge only support JIRA, confluence, and JSD? I don’t see any documentation for other Atlassian products and don’t see anything in the roadmp in Trello

Our roadmap can be seen here.

We’re in the process of getting Forge ready for siteless products like Bitbucket mentioned.


Don’t forget Compass :smiley:

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Does siteless also mean status page?

I think I saw hooks into compass already in the force cli

We’ll be chatting about Bitbucket in a bit more detail in the webinar next week: Registration is now open for the Q3 Forge Roadmap Webinar

No specific plans for Status Page at the moment, but we hope to one day.

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serious question

  • do customers use bitbucket? What does the bitbucket footprint look like? Can you share some numbers around how many company are paying for bitbucket?
  • as a partner it helps knowing some metrics to see what products to build apps for.

Is there a reason why statuspage isn’t part of opsgenie? These two belong together in a single product.

Here’s some BitBucket numbers:

  • nearly 60% of Fortune 100 companies are Bitbucket customers.
  • Bitbucket has over 14 million registered users
  • Bitbucket Cloud handles over 900 million transactions per day

Statuspage and Opsgenie started out as standalone products that were acquired by Atlassian. We’ll continue to improve the integration between them over time, as we will with all our products.

Still doesn’t tell me what your paying company base looks like. From an marketplace vendor perspective, if most of your 14 million users are college students or random devs, then our paid app would be of no use to them. But if I know that you have 10,000 companies that pay for bitbucket, then it makes a lot of sense for us to build something for this product.