Support "viewportSize" on forge module "confluence:globalPage"

Hello everyone,

are there any plans on bringing the viewport size property also to the global page module of confluence?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @MartinKistnerDecadis,

confluence:globalPage module, like confluence:globalSettings or confluence:spacePage, is a full-page module and doesn’t suppose to be changed with viewport size.

Can you share your use case when viewport size might be useful for these modules?


Hey @OleksandrBeztsinnyi, thanks for the fast response :slight_smile:

actually, I have to correct you here, for me forge module “confluence:spacePage” provides support for viewportSize property, even though you guys have not documented it here:

At least the Forge CLI provides no error and I get the expected results. If it’s not intended to be it should maybe be specified as a Bug by the Forge CLI.

The useCase for me is that I want to have a div scaled to 100% of viewport height and (100 vh and 100% are not working for me) to show the Atlaskit Flag component at the button that they should not leave the view. :slight_smile: