Suppose I want to report a (small) bug in Forge/Confluence, where do I do that?

I think this is a bug:

You cannot use Option within Select in a MacroConfig, unless you also import Form (MacroConfig should be enough).

So, suppose this is a (small, admittedly) bug, where/how do I report it?

Hi @GerbenWierda , here is the public board for Forge related bugs where you can report issues: Log in with Atlassian account

I’m not able to reproduce the bug using @forge/ui@1.8.0 . Can I see the code snippet that is causing the issue?

I haven’t been able to reproduce, sadly. I got the error and it went away when I added Form. I have changed the code since, and the changes have been enough not to trigger the error and the strange fix. I can now do without Form. This is the current config code snippet:

      <Select name="selected" label="This page depends on" isMulti="true">
      {Object.entries(availableDesigns).map(([dlid,dictValue]) => {
          return (
            <Option label={`${dictValue}`} value={dlid} />

But it used to be simply three dummy Option elements and not the map logic.

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