Supress webhook when updating an issue or adding a comment to an issue

I have the following issue, I need to supress webhooks when:

  1. Updating an issue

  2. Creating a comment to an issue

It would behave similar to the parameter notifyUsers, nevertheless it would apply for webhooks.

Is there any solution for that? Thank you!

There is currently no way to suppress this, and I would also doubt that this would ever be implemented. Especially in Jira Cloud, but also in Jira Server, there are a lot of external processes that depend on getting issue update information. It is not in the best interest of the system to not notify those processes of the change.

If your question only concerns disabling receiving webhooks for your own app, it would make more sense, but the technological implication of adding that exclusion will prevent it to ever be implemented.

To clarify, we have the same issue: one of our apps allows people to add additional channels (like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.) to JSM. Every message received results in a new comment, which in turn causes a webhook to be sent. Given that we also rely on those webhooks to forward comments to the channel, we need to filter the webhooks to see if they were triggered by an incoming message from the channel, or whether it is supposed to be an outgoing message.

I would recommend investigating how you can add logic that filters the webhooks.

You can check the author of the update (web hook) and skip it, if it comes from your own app.