Teams' work visualisation in Jira

Hi there! I would like to visualise the work with my team in Jira and I haven’t found anything like that so far. Do you have a plug/ tool for a recommendation??
There is only open / in progress / test / done etc. on the board with no seed for the timeline. Is there such a thing as an “advanced roadmap” at the subtask level? There is only at the epic one as I am aware. Please help :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi EwaKoncewic. Welcome to Atlassian Developer Community. My suggestion for the scenario you described is to read this article about customizing the roadmap view. I hope it helps you. :wink:

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Hi Mchagas! Thank you very much for sending that for me, however it does only relate to the epics. Do you have any source how to do subtasks like that?

Hi EwaKoncewicz!
Are you using Jira Software Premium? Advanced roadmaps is available at this one. Please take a look in this page for reference: Roadmap features in Jira Software | Atlassian | Atlassian.

Looks like a subtask cannot be assigned to an epic. So, I am also testing to identify a workaround for your issue.

Please take in the image attached. After some attempts at Jira Premium I had success including subtasks in the roadmap.

It is inside plans and Hierarchy Epic to Sub-tasks. Please, just remember it is available on the JIRA Premium package.

Hi Ewa,
If you’re looking for a way to visualize work in Jira, you should check out VSP – the Visual Sprint Planner (I’m one of the guys, who created this plugin). With VSP you can plan with subtasks using time tracking: Atlassian Marketplace
Check out the screens I added, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.