Tell me what observability insights you need in Forge

Hi Forge Developers!

We’ve heard your requests on this forum and during Dev Day 2020! We are in the process of creating observability capabilities as part of the developer console to give you insights into your apps. This will allow you to better understand how your Forge app is being used, detect any potential issues and improve the overall troubleshooting experience.

In order to best meet your needs, we want to reach out to you, our developer community. Either in the comments or via DM, let us know how you are currently gaining insights into your app and what metrics are most important to you.

What observability features do you require to be able to fully transition your application to Forge?

Feel free to provide anything else that you believe will be valuable. Your opinions will help us ensure we’re building a great developer experience.

Thanks for your time!


It would be great if you could add the following metrics to measure the usage of an app in the selected timespan:

  • How often the app is used by users (i.e. the number of executions in the past 30 days)
  • How many unique users use the app in the selected timespan
  • How often the app surpasses the invocation limits (for example, time limit before the app is stopped)
  • The average time/median/95th percentile of the app’s execution time (in total and by each module separately)
  • How often the error message is shown to users due to the app’s failure.

Thanks for your response @alexkuznetsov! These insights will be extremely useful in creating observability capabilities for Forge.

This is an interesting metric - can you please provide additional detail about the use cases for this?

The number of unique users, who use an app, could be a proxy metric to understand if the app has traction or not (i.e. the app is used by a small group of users or not).

The better solution would be if you could provide a way to use Amplitude or Google Analytics inside the Forge app. It would be interesting to know if you were discussing an option to bring a third-party analytics tool into a Forge ecosystem.

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