TextField Validation not working

Hi there,

currently i’m trying fix a problem in one of our applications.

At one point we show the user a dialog using “ModalDialog”
Inside are a “Select” and a “TextField”, both required.

Whatever i try the TextField will not be validated.
Only when i type something inside the field and delete it, only then will the field be validated.

The problem, is that our customers can submit the dialog with missing data.

Does someone maybe have an idea?

Thanks in advance

 <ModalDialog header="Add" onClose={onCancel}>
    <Form onSubmit={onSubmit} submitButtonText="Add">
        <Select label="System" name="system" isRequired="true">
            label="T Number"

Edit: Added a Code Example

Hi @PhilippKriegel ,

welcome to the developer community!
Could you provide some details and/or code samples, so other members can be able to help you.