The alpha program for marketplace apps in the new Jira Cloud issue view is live!

As of today, we’ve enabled ecosystem support for Jira Cloud developer domains enrolled in the alpha program. This means three key things:

  1. You now have the new issue view enabled. You’ll see the new issue view UI when viewing an issue from the board, backlog in Jira Software projects (we will enable the full page view shortly). The new experience provides a per-user opt in/out, which you can find in your profile.

  2. Marketplace apps are now supported and visible. Apps installed from the marketplace (that extend the Issue Detail UI) will appear in the new issue view. We’ve provided backwards compatibility, so you can see your app without changing anything in the descriptor. There’s more detail on this in the documentation.

  3. The new Issue Content and Issue Glance modules are available to use. Update your descriptor by including these modules (don’t delete existing modules). The new issue view will know if the new modules exist in your descriptor, and will use the new module instead of the web panel with a left.context or right.context location.

Documentation & Design Guidelines

We’ve added documentation for the new issue to We’ll continue to update it as the alpha progresses, so let us know if there’s anything you could use more help or guidance with.

The main pages to start with are:

We’re using this alpha program to get these updates into your hands as early as possible, so you have time to understand, provide feedback, and react to the changes.

In the spirit of building an open, collaborative community for our ecosystem partners, ask any questions or give your feedback on the developer community forums with a tag of “new-issue-view”.

What’s next?

The alpha will run for about 4 weeks, during which time we’ll answer questions, listen to your feedback, and add functionality and polish for the ‘1.0’ production release. Our goal is to start enabling ecosystem support for real customers in the first week of April (please note that this is subject to change). We recommend you update your marketplace apps before then to provide the best user experience for your customers.


Hi Taylor,

I can see the new pop up view on backlog but I don’t see the backwards compatibility for web panels, they are missing. Test Management for Jira adds three panels and I can’t see any of them.

I’ve not tried adding any of the new modules yet, I’ll let you know what happens when I do.


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Hi @tpechacek I’ve received the email explaining the new Jira Cloud Issue view but I’m not sure if our dev instances are included in the program. How can I check it?

Hey Jon, happy to help with this!

I noticed you just registered a new cloud domain, so I have updated that to have the ecosystem support as well. Not sure if you were trying to test on that domain or the original one you registered with.

As for the web panels, do you mind sharing what the location attribute you had for those? Are they all using the left.context location?

You may not be seeing your webPanels that use a left.context location because you need to manually add it next to the quick-add icons at the top. It will be under the … selection to see more options.

Let me know if that helps, otherwise we can take a look tomorrow and resolve this. Cheers!

Hey @david.garcia, unfortunately we do not have a way to ‘check’ on your instance if you are included in the program or not at this time. I guess the best way would be to use the Issue Content or Issue Glance module.

If you are not enrolled it will throw an error when you go to install the descriptor on your Jira instance.

I can confirm that I enrolled 1 of your domains. You can always register for more via a link in the alpha program blog post (it’s the first link in the original post). Cheers!

Hi @tpechacek,

I registered another domain so we can have a shared view of how it works.

We are using atl.jira.view.issue.left.context, when I click on the quick add it doesn’t show anything. Hopefully these screenshots help:

I click on this:

And then see this, but no panel shows:

Our production descriptor URL is


@tpechacek, is it possible for an addon to bring up this same dialog from somewhere?
Meaning, can I trigger it from my own addon screens?

@jmort Thanks for the background info. I can verify it works on my cloud domain when trying to reproduce this.

I just went an installed the test management app, then enabled it for my project, and it appeared in the quick-add icon with text and the iframe loaded.

Can you confirm that you are still not seeing anything?

If you are, would you mind doing me a huge favor and post the issue to ‘’ under the project ACJIRA or ‘Atlassian Connect in Jira’. Just add the component ‘New Issue View’. That way we can look directly into this with more detail.

@ademoss Hey, great question! I am going to add this for a feature request in ACJIRA project with a component = ‘New Issue View’ to capture this.

We do not have this functionality yet, we still have work to do on making apps awesome in the new issue view. But it is definitely something we want to ship and provide to you at some point in the future. Cheers!

Hey everyone, just a quick update. I am happy to continue the discussion for any specific, additional topics that are related to this, but if you want to discuss a separate topic in more detail, please create a new post with the label ‘new-issue-view’ same as this post.

Also, If you want to file a bug, feature improvement, or anything else of that nature, please go to and create an issue under the Atlassian Connect in JIra project (ACJIRA) with the component = ‘New Issue View’. This will allow our team to tackle specific bugs quickly for you!

Cheers, looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on the changes.


@tpechacek I’ve raised a bug:

I have a question about the backwards compatibility of web-panels. We currently have 3 web-panels with web items attached to the panels for additional actions. From what I can work out with playing with the feature, only one issue content and one glance is allowed per add-on. I can understand and work around the single issue content (we just put all the content from the 3 panels into one) but a single glance is causing us usability issues. It isn’t that we want to have multiple glances, it is that we would like to show 3 pieces of information; the number of test cases, test runs and impacted tests results. Changing the colour of the badges may also be useful to us to indicate where there are failing tests.

In order to have the backwards compatibility we will need to consolidate our 3 panels into one, which will reduce functionality

Am I correct with the limitations? I couldn’t find any feature requests in ACJIRA

Another thing we are struggling with a little is the narrow expanded glance view. There isn’t much space to display information, and much of the information we display is tabular in nature. Also the implementation is a little jumpy.

I’d be happy to walk you through our issues.


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Thanks @tpechacek! I’ve applied for a new Dev instance. Good work btw!

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Hey @jmort,

On the backwards compatibility, I had a look at your descriptor and it looks like you’re using com.atlassian.plugins.atlassian-connect-plugin:com.kanoah.test-manager__test-case-issue-panel/header and com.atlassian.plugins.atlassian-connect-plugin:com.kanoah.test-manager__test-case-issue-panel/drop/test-case-issue-panel-drop locations to perform related test actions. These locations aren’t explicitly documented and at this point we don’t intend to support this as part of our backwards compatibility scope. We’d encourage that these actions instead but incorporated inside of the panel content as buttons where it makes sense.

On the Issue Content module, we intend to support multiple Issue Content panels and this change should be fixed as part of ACJIRA-1460.

On Issue Glance module, you’re correct in that a single glance can only be displayed at any one time. However, multiple glances can be used in combination with conditions.

@tpechacek is out on leave at the moment, but I believe he’s been in touch to follow up with these concerns in more detail when he gets back. In the meantime, let me know if I can help with answering any other questions.

Hi @kai,

Backwards compatibility makes sense. If you look at that descriptor we are using those locations to hack in buttons, I was expecting them to break. The reason we have them is to be as similar as possible with the server version of the app. We will be shipping with the new modules so will want to make sure the panels do not show up with any backward compatible support. How can we ensure this happens?

Good news for multiple Issue Content panels.

We are going to wrestle with a single glance. We have several top level pieces of information we would like to show as a glance. We will talk to @tpechacek about this, and see if there are any options.


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@tpechacek What are the current estimates for the roll-out? At the moment you can’t install an add-on with issue content module on a regular instance.

I expect that we can include this module into descriptors and it only activates when the issue content become available for a customer instance.

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