The conversion of a contentbody times out in case of too many static macros on a page

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I have a customer who has 220 static content macros (in this case cites) on a page. Confluence’s export renderer as well as the REST endpoint “/wiki/rest/api/contentbody/convert/” seem to convert the static content macros on the page in a row (one after the other) not in parallel. With a typical service time of 250 ms this results in a conversion time of 55 seconds which is above the timeout limit of the REST endpoint mentioned before (it times out after 30 seconds). The customer is therefore not able to use 3rd party export tools (like the ones from Scroll).

Is it true that they converted in a row not in parallel?

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Has this timeout been changed recently? I’m pretty sure it was higher earlier. From our code I can see that in our apps we set the request timeout for this specific endpoint to 2 minutes, so I assume that the timeout was approx. this duration earlier.

Also I noticed that in such cases the REST endpoint now returns a HTTP 200 OK rather than an error code as it did before. I wonder if it shouldn’t return an error code in such cases.

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I just remembered that I reported this already a couple of years ago here: [CE-671] 'HTTP 504 Gateway Time-out' when storage-to-view converting pages with many static connect macros - Ecosystem Jira

Apparently the timeout was 1 minute back then.

This is a critical issue for us. We use Confluence to produce and share online technical documents with many citations to peer-reviewed journals and other sources. Our documents usually have in excess of 60 citations per page, sometimes alot more. While doing this exclusively on Confluence is possible, the issue is exporting the page to MS Word and Confluence’s timeout limitation to 30 seconds.

We could split a large page into smaller pages, but that would defeat the purpose of using the built-in Confluence MS Word exporter or Scroll Word Exporter. In that case we would have to export multiple pages and then combine them into a single MS Word. But then the citation numbering is out of sync and we’ll have to redo the citations outside of Confluence. Not the ideal workflow we were hoping for.

The simple solution seems to be an increase in the allowed timeout to 90 seconds or 120 seconds.

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Is anyone from Atlassian able to answer here? @dmorrow maybe? Thank you.

We use /rest/api/contentbody/convert/export_view in Table Filter and Charts and our customers sometimes get " Rendering this content exceeded the timeout of 30 seconds" message instead of content. Usually, it happens when there are Jira Issues or Page Properties Report macros in the content. We have no solution for this case.
Also, the bug ticket is closed as Won’t fix: [CONFCLOUD-62014] Error: Rendering this content exceeded the timeout of X seconds. - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.