The documentation for @atlaskit/flag is broken

The Flag component docs are housed here:

At the moment I get the following error in the Script Console on that page and an eternal loading spinner:

Uncaught Error: Missing flag in file system
    at Object.__webpack_exports__.d (main.js:1)
    at main.js:1
    at Package.<anonymous> (main.js:1)
    at CallbackQueue.notifyAll (vendor.js:1)
    at ReactUpdatesFlushTransaction.close (vendor.js:1)
    at ReactUpdatesFlushTransaction.closeAll (vendor.js:1)
    at ReactUpdatesFlushTransaction.perform (vendor.js:1)
    at ReactUpdatesFlushTransaction.perform (vendor.js:1)
    at Object.flushBatchedUpdates (vendor.js:1)
    at ReactDefaultBatchingStrategyTransaction.closeAll (vendor.js:1)

Hi @jbevan, we the URL is now

Great thanks - I guess this was a temporary migration problem while the component (and docs) were moved around