The first chance to test the upcoming Jira 8.5!

We are proud to release the first EAP for Jira 8.5. Jira 8.5.x is a long-awaited Enterprise release! Enterprise releases provide continued access to critical security, stability, data integrity, and performance issues until this version reaches end of life.

Want to know what has changed between this release and the last ER?

See our changelog for details. Make sure to also look up our Preparing for Jira 8.5 documentation.

Want to test the EAP?

Download it from here. If you’re using, make sure to get 8.5.0-m0002.

Want to let us know what you think?

Just post a comment below!

Happy testing,

The Jira team


Hi @mmichalak -
On the changelog link - it shows the end of life for 8.5 as October, 2022

Should that be October 2021 or is 2022 correct?


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Hey Adam,
Yes, it’s October 2021 (the exact date will be published when we release). Great catch!

Hi @mmichalak,
Where is the version for Mac OS?

you can use the tar.gz bundle for macOS.

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great to hear that 8.5 is available. Can you already say when this is going to be announced officially ? within 1 week - 2 weeks - or more ?

hey Rolf!
It’s already out. See 8.5 Release notes.