The labels API is GET only. Could we have a CREATE endpoint as well?

Our Confluence Cloud app, Rewind Backups, relies on CREATE endpoints to perform restores. This is critical functionality for us, as customers rely on restores to fix their Confluence data if it becomes corrupted.

Any chance this could be added to the V.2 endpoint for Connect apps?

Hi @DannyGrenzowski! Thanks for the feedback here.

We can assure you that we will make sure there is equivalent V2 functionality for any deprecated V1 functionality.

To make sure - could you expand on which/how you use the V1 endpoint(s)? If it is a deprecated endpoint, we will make sure there is an equivalent V2 functionality.

Hi @SimonKliewer , we use the Create endpoints for Labels in v1. It looks like V2 only features GET endpoints for Labels - are there plans to introduce a Create endpoint?