The last SDK (v8.0.7) does not support Bitbucket "Repository Merge Check Plugin Module"

Our developers need to check Jira issues statuses before pull request merge. Because of that we began to Bitbucket plugin working.
We’ve noticed that the newest SDK is 8.0.7(last version) but it only supports Bitbucket Server 4.1.0 - 5.6.0. And after looking Bitbucket 6.0 release notes, Merge check module was changed(with class, interface etc.). But i cannot see new " Repository Merge Check Plugin Module" option on cmd. When i choose the Repository Hook/Merge option (old) almost all classes and interfaces are deprecated. I try to add new classes and interfaces which are found on API (bitbucket Developer SPI) it didn’t work. (I guess it is about SDK)
When is the new SDK release? We need to SDK which is support Bitbucket Server 6.0 and its new merge check new API features (class, interface etc.)

Thank you.

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