The license for AUI 7 is changing



We are in the same boat too.

We use most all the Atlassian tools internally and try our best to make consistent L&F on our in house web services as well.

I was just taking the weekend to update an internal web site that used AUI5 and I wanted to spruce it up. I started working with 7 when I came across this. Now that I can’t use it, I will probably move to 6 or replace the AUI completely… Much more work that I wanted to do.


Hi all, @daz ,

I’m not sure I understand the implications correctly and would like to ask the following (apologies if this is somehow implicitly answered above, I’m really new to AUI/ADG/Atlaskit).

I would like to start an Open Source Apache 2 licensed SaaS tool that an individual/company can run in a cloud where he/it pleases and can add it as a custom app into . However, the tool could be used standalone too (without the integration). I was thinking about using Atlaskit-MK-2 for this, to hit two birds with one stone (I’m reactjs oriented).

Would this kind of usage be allowed? If I used a different theme/colors/fonts in order to diverge from the ADG in the standalone case, would that be enough?

Thanks for any pointers, and especially thank you Atlassian and contributors, for such a rich react UI library!


Hey all, I have a quick update for people watching this thread.

In AUI 8, the AUI repo was split in to multiple discrete packages, and the core AUI components are re-licensed under an Apache-2.0 license once more. Head to AUI 8.0 is released! for more details.

AUI 7.x will remain licensed under the Atlassian Developer Terms.