The new "View Issues" permission not working for Public (anonymous)?

This question is related to these changes:

This new feature is already enabled on my test Jira Cloud instance.

I have a company-managed project that grants the “Browse Project” permission to Public. Anonymous can view the project and the project issues; all is fine.

Then, I try to remove the “Browse Project” permission for Public and instead to grant the new “View Issues” permission to Public. The “View Projects” is not granted to Public because I don’t want the anonymous to view the project; I just want to allow access to project issues.

As a result, when I try to access the issue as anonymous by using an URL like this “”, it does not work anymore. Instead, it redirects to the Jira login page.

If I also grant the new “View Projects” permission to Public, it works.

For me, it looks like the “View Issues” permission does not work as expected.

Do I miss something? Thanks in advanced for any help.