The plugin does not load sometimes, Uncaught Error: undefined missing ac/create

Hi Team,

My cloud Confluence app don’t load sometimes (about once in ten). I’m using web panel do display my app and using React to render it. When the app doesn’t load I see the next error: Uncaught Error: undefined missing ac/create. Div with class “ap-content” that have contain my app is empty.
I note that react-layout.hbs and my .jsx files are executed, all data are fetched (i can see console log from this files).
I found some topics with same trouble:

I also noticed that these problems are related to getLocation() method of AP libary. My app also uses getLocation() method, but it works fine.

How can I resolve this error?

Thank you.

Hi @veloti ,

You refer to a class ap-content. Do you mean to say your app has the <div class="ac-content"></div> in it?


Hi, thank you for reply!

No, I have the following:

<div class="ap-container" id="....">
   <div class="ap-content " id="....">
   <script class="ap-iframe-body-script">
      {here is script to create my addon}

Div with class “ac-content” should be located inside addon iframe, that located in

, but its empty, I have no iframe.