The port number keeps changing after modifying the JIRA plugin. Why?

I am pretty new to Jira Plugin Development. So I followed the tutorial and created a HelloWorld Plugin Project. After typing “atlas-run”, in the Command Prompt window it says, “jira started successfully at http://localhost:2990/jira”. And I can open the browser using the link and log into Jira.
After I followed the second step, “Modify the Plugin”, after *.xml is modified as suggested, run “atlas-run” command, in the Command Prompt window it says, “jira started at http://localhost:54369/jira”. And the link can’t be opened. If I run “atlas-run” again, everytime, it will change to another port number and says “jira started at localhost:[another port number]/jira”. I couldn’t start Jira any more. Could you please tell me why the port number is changed everytime when I run “atlas-run” and why the Jira plugin can only be opened and logged in at the first time? Thanks in advance.

atlas-run starts a new instance of JIRA. Plain and simple. This will likely unceremoniously kill the existing JIRA instance.
Use atlas-package to compile a new jar without starting a new JIRA instance.

It won’t kill the old process.

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Thanks, I wasn’t sure since I use the heck out of quick-reload.

Hello sfbehnke and Daniel,
Thanks for taking your time and answer my question. It’s ok for me if atlas-run will start a new instance of JIRA. What I don’t understand is, if the port number is changed because of the new instance, why I couldn’t start Jira any more, I tried to open the browser using these two different ports, http://localhost:54369/jira or http://localhost:2990/jira, but JIRA can’t be logged in or opened any more. Even I set these port numbers in the incoming route to be free, or restart my Computer, none of them will work.
Do you mean, if I create a new Jira Plugin, using atlas-run to start the Instance, then if I will make further changes for this plugin, I should only type in “atlas-package” in the Command Prompt window to update the instance? Will that be enough? If later my Computer is restarted, will this instance still be alive and I don’t need to do any restart or update the instance work?
Thanks a lot!