The way to customize the view of "versions"

My need is to customize the drop down list of Versions.

I completed it by modifying the source code of jira-project-config-plugin.jar file located in \jira\webapp\WEB-INF\atlassian-bundled-plugins folder.

I want to know is there any other way to do it ? How about configuring attlassian-plugin.xml in the plugin file ?

Thank you.


I would not modify the source code of built-in/bundled JIRA plugins. I doubt that you will find a customer who is willing to replace this JAR file with yours :slight_smile:. For Versions & Component Sync, I use client-side code to alter the Versions/Releases and Components pages. You can simply add a javascript resource in your atlassian-plugin.xml file and make sure that it is included by setting the right context. This will allow you to alter the drop-down list of versions on page load.



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Thank you so much. Have a nice day.


can you please tell me if you solutions works in Jira 7.3.6?
I also wanted to modify the administer-versions page.
In version 6.x i can handle this by my own plugin. But now i didn’t get the right events from the table :frowning:

If i change the sources in jira-admin-project-config-plugin nothing happens after building and installing the plugin.
The administer-versions page is still the same (even if i remove the code).

Can you tell me what files do you change for modifying the drop down list?

cheers, michael

There are some files like versions.vm,versions-init.js,versionRow.js,versionModel.js, But it not a good way to change the source code.

Thank you, i know these files but i am not shure if they are the right files.

If i remove the lines in versions.vm nothing happens.
In versions,soy are some of the dialogs for the row-operations.
But if i modify i.e. {template .operations} nothing happens.

I can delete all the lines in VersionRow.js and the page looks like before!
I can delete all the lines in versions-init.js and the page looks and works like before!

I can add new operation to a version-row if i add a web-item to atlassian-plugin.xml of the project
Where are the sources that are responsible for showing the new web-item for section=“atl.jira.version.admin.operations”?

Where are the sources of the layout of the page administer-versions?

I aggree that changing the sources is not a good idea but my plugin that work for jira 6 didn’t work with jira 7.3 because the events for the table didn’t get fired :frowning:

Cheers, michael

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@michael.kornatzki, there has been some rework of the Versions and Components tables in JIRA 7.2+. However, you should still be able to get the events from the custom RestFullTable implementation that is used on these pages. There is no need to alter JIRA source code, page manipulation can be entirely achieved with client-side javascript.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Hi remie,

i didn’t want to modify the sources (that’s what i was doing before version 3 - 6) and it seems that i can not chage the sources, because i didn’t find the right files :frowning:

I want to add a new column with a Link in every row.
Alternative and a beter soloution would be to add a new operation.
But to do this i need the events from the table that a new row is added.
In my plugin for Jira 6 i can use something like the following:

AJS.$(document).ready(function($) {
if(AJS.$("#project-config-panel-versions").length) {
AJS.$(document).bind(AJS.RestfulTable.Events.ROW_ADDED, function (view, rowObject) {

This didn’t work anymore. The classId for the table changed and i didn’t get th events.