Third party custom fields inheriting GroupSelectorField no longer work as expected with browse project permission since Jira 8

Hello Atlassian community,

I am a developer at Elements, we recently have a bug with our Connect application since the release of Jira 8 and the heavily modification of the GroupCF.class.

We already create an issue on the “developer service desk” of the Atlassian ecosystem. Atlassian operator advises us to raise this matter in the developer community.

Firstly, I will explain the bug (it’ s an edge use case) from the perspective of a user, after I will dive down in the Atlassian code and I will expose where our trail leads.

Environment : Elements Connect addon, Jira 8 or greater.

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  • Create an Elements Connect Live Text (Legacy) custom field, plugged on the local datasource (SQL)
  • Use this query: select group_name from cwd_group
    Key: 0
    Template: {0}
  • Create a new project (with TEST as Key)
  • Edit the Permission Scheme associated to this project
  • Give the Browse Project permission only to the previously created Elements Connect custom field
  • Put the field on all the project’s screens
  • Create a new ticket in this project (TEST-1)
  • On the creation screen, select the “jira-administrators” group (in which your user is supposed to be)
  • Browse to the issue navigator

Expected Result

The issue TEST-1 created above is visible

Actual Result

The issue TEST-1 created above is not visible

Technical Notes:

Our Class defines a new type of Custom field and extends GroupSelectorField, the method getIdentifiersForGroup(String groupName) gets called as expected.

In Jira 8.x:

What we see in debug:

In GroupCF class from jira-core library, getPermissionFieldContentsForProject called generateGroupIdentifiers which called getIdentifiersForGroup.

In Jira 7.13.x:

In GroupCF class from jira-core, getQueryForGroupName called the method getQueryForGroup which is also implemented in our third-party custom field instead of getIdentifiersForGroup. And with this way the issue is visible in the issue navigator.

Conclusion : Did you encounter this kind of problem? Jira logic above us which is very hard to debug and looks like a regression. Any information is welcome to fix the bug.

Kind regards