This is a new low with regard to the Atlassian Marketplace review process


I think they are enjoying their day off now.


Well done Atlassian, you set a good precedent


@amardesich Could you please comment on the vendor who is abusing the review system that I mentioned?

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Ahhh, and they’re back!

Ashley T Nevels even thinks their app is great!

Did you know that Ashley is also an Unsplash model?

@amardesich I’m assuming this is an omission?

PS: also please note the irony of having the banner about the new review guidelines (aka the checkmark pinky promise) stating that all reviews from May 25 are trustworthy on the same page as fake reviews posted in June. I think it is safe to assume that the MVP is not working. Hopefully @RohanKhandelwal is making progress with the next phase of the review process!




@amardesich it seems that the Bitband account has been re-instated. Their Figma Integration for Confluence app (which had the copyright infringement) is not on the Marketplace, but the fake reviews are still there.

I don’t mind them being back on the Marketplace when they’ve updated their visuals / apps, but can we at least make sure that all the fake reviews are gone?


@remie thank you for the note, yes we will go through the reviews again.

@amardesich ,

Looks like Bitband did not learn their lesson. I was looking at the new apps on the marketplace. I then noticed that they just released a new checklist app a few days ago. :thinking: It was looking quite similar to the Checklist for Jira app.

You can see here a side-by-side comparison of the admin and checklist screens:

And here’s a side-by-side of the HTML structure. They basically copied the entire structure and removed the prefixes for the CSS classes.

That should be frowned upon and Atlassian should do something about it.

@remie , looks like they keep doint it :roll_eyes:


That’s putting it very mildly.


@amardesich It seems like faking reviews in order to boost sales and copying complete apps and code is fine nowadays so I’m starting to wonder what a marketplace partner should do in order to be banned from doing business?


Probably a lot worse than that … but this is already pretty low so I honestly have no clues :upside_down_face: No one from Atlassian did even bother responding to the comment.

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Hi @yvesriel - @amardesich is on vacation this week, and I was just alerted to your post, so apologies for the delay in the response. We are investigating this now.

Thanks @BrandonThomason but it’s now even worst. They change their app name to be the exact name of the other one: Checklist for Jira.

That should not be even possible to have both apps with the exact same name.

You can also add that most of their apps use logos, that I very seriously doubt they have received permissions to.

For example: Github Integration for Jira | Atlassian Marketplace uses the Github logo.

But the Github Logo Guidelines state:

  • Do not use any GitHub logo as the icon or logo for your business/organization, offering, project, domain name, social media account, or website.
  • Do not modify the permitted GitHub logos, including changing the color, dimensions, or combining with other words or design elements.

@ademoss If you look at their website, they have all the big customers that a vendor can dream of. What’s also nice is that some of those customers are Data Center and Bitband only sells Cloud Apps :rofl:

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And they probably didn’t read their own Manifesto when they decided to steal the UX :wink:

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@jack you should file a copyright infringement complaint with Atlassian with regard to the blatant stealing of IP by BitBand.

@amardesich, @tpettersen, @brlee, @BalaVenkatrao this needs to stop. At what point will Atlassian understand that the harm done by Atlassian to the Atlassian Economy by allowing Bitband to cheat the game is greater than the loss of access to apps by Bitband customers? I understand you’re in a tight spot, and you’ve taken the opportunistic route by hoping that you can both have your cake and eat it. But you can’t. You need to take a stand and set an example. If you don’t the Atlassian Economy will continue to suffer, for it will make it clear that there is no limit to cheating and that Atlassian cannot be trusted with the proper stewardship of the Atlassian Marketplace.


thank you @yvesriel for flagging this issue. some quick updates from our end:

  1. the app listing in question have now been taken down in the Atlassian Marketplace, you can check it here

  2. we are currently in active conversation with Bitband and our team is investigating this matter closely. updates to follow… cc: @BrandonThomason

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Thanks @christia_katrina for the feedback.

I believe that Bitband is way past the 3rd strike by now. This last offense is mind blowing considering that they were under scrutiny for their last infringement and fake reviews.

It think that Atlassian should be doing much more than an “active conversation” and that the proper actions will be taken this time.

I’m pretty sure that most vendors here agree with what @remie said above. I do for sure.



hi @yvesriel further actions are being taken on top of actively engaging with the partner in question, our programs and legal team are now looking into this

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