Thumbnail image not rendering in reporting section

I have added app called “Link explorer” in to the reporting section. I have also provided a thumbnail image in PNG format for the app with correct size requirement, but it is not rendering in the interface. The link for the app is working correctly, and I have verified that the thumbnail image file path is correct by opening it in a separate tab.

What could be causing the thumbnail image to not render?

Hi @AnamikaSoni. Welcome to the developer community. Can you provide a screenshot (or just area shot) of where your app icon is failing to load? Also, is this a Forge or Connect app that you’ve built?

Hi @nmansilla , in connect app.

here in reports section, link explorer- traceability reports.

@AnamikaSoni does the asset look like its loading properly (200) when you inspect the network requests?

@nmansilla Yes it is loading properly.