Time Tracking fields for Next-Gen project failed to get via REST (/search)


It is reported by several tenants and reproducible issue.
Seems like a bug.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create Next-Gen project
  2. Create issue
  3. Log time against 2
  4. Do REST call in browser (in my case it /rest/api/2/search?fields=project,issuetype,resolution,summary,priority,status,parent,issuelinks,worklog,customfield_10008,customfield_10009&maxResults=1000&jql=project%3D%22NG%22%20and%20worklogDate%20%3E%3D%20%222020-06-01%22%20and%20worklogDate%20%3C%20%222020-06-03%22&startAt=0&_r=1591088459634)
  5. Empty response
  6. Go to Project Issue Types, add Time Traking field to issue type of issue in 2. save.
  7. Do 4
  8. Got issue with worklog as expected
  9. Go to Project Issue Types, remove Time Traking field. save.
  10. Do 4
  11. Got same response as in 8

Looks like 5 wrong or 5 and 11 are inconsistent.
For me better if /search returns worklogs (I requested it by fields=…,worklog)

It is not critical bug, so I have added it here instead of DEVHELP.
Please fix it.

Thank you.

Hi, it is also not possible to set time tracking via REST and it is not present on various endpoints. I think timetracking API is not supported fully yet in next-gen projects.

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It is supported for my case, but add/remove field needed.
So I believe some initialization missed for new Next-Gen project creation.