Timeinstatus field on Issues coming from API

We’re pulling Issue data from the REST API from our jira cloud instance.

There’s a field in the data called ‘timeinstatus’. I’m looking for information on the structure of the data in that field. it’s a series of numerical values and separators, eg:


my theory is that those are id numbers for workflow states, with time in seconds, but I don’t know why the middle value would have 0 seconds, and why there’s a 1 in all of them.

happy to get pointers to docs if there are any. My search didn’t find me any references to that specific field…

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@AlexBernardin - can you send an example REST API call/method that you’re using? I wasn’t able to see timeinstatus in a GET issue call on my instance. Also, I just want to verify that this is indeed a Jira Cloud instance (i.e. yourinstance.atlassian.net)