TIMEOUT error trying to retrieve from Atlassian API call

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to understand the best approach to set up a call to the Atlassian REST Api to obtain all the fields from a client instance leveraging the endpoint GET /rest/api/3/field.

The problem is, it’s returning a timeout error after that call attempt I guess due to the significant number of fields from that instance to be retrieved.

I have been looking into the Async events API in the documentation but kind of struggling how to use it in this case. Any insight in this regard would be very appreciated.


Do you see “correct” results when you enter your API path into the browser?

Hello @AlbertoDavila

If a client has a very, very large set of custom fields and the lookup of them all is triggering a timeout, then it’s better to use the Get Fields paginated endpoint. That way you can refine the search to only get those fields that you really want, not every single one, and you get the results in manageable chunks.