Token based authentication for the Bitbucket rest api

Currently we are trying to authenticate using Okta token and getting an unauthorized error . Is there a way to use a bearer token based authentication to access the API ? When we tried with the basic auth response was 200 and for token based it was 401 . Any Suggestions ???

Hi @yarlagadda.anita,

Bitbucket Server supports token based authentication through the use of personal tokens. Once you have generated a token through the UI, you can then use that token to authenticate with bearer authentication:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer MDM0MjM5NDc2MDxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" 

Hi @khughes ,

As per our requirement we have to use the OKTA token for authentication and not the personal access one . Does bitbucket have the feature of verifying the OKTA token …or any plugins available for the same.