Tooltip and name is exchanged in new jira issue view

When you follow example on following page:

You will soon find out that in new jira issue view is a bug where tooltip and name is exchanged.

    "jiraIssueContents": [
        "icon": {
          "width": 0,
          "height": 0,
          "url": "/my_icon.svg"
        "target": {
          "type": "web_panel",
          "url": "/url_to_panel_content_page.html"
        "tooltip": {
          "value": "This is a tooltip"
        "contentPresentConditions": [
            "condition": "user_is_admin",
            "invert": false
        "name": {
          "value": "My Issue Content Panel"
        "key": "my-issue-content-panel"

We are also affected by this issue @kkercz

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I let the responsible team know, they are on it. You can track the progress here:

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I get the name as the tooltip.
Found this thread about it too.